The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, conducts materials research, in different engineering fields, to develop innovative nonmetallic materials that can change mankind future. The main focus of their work is “Material Based Solutions”, finding answers for industrial partners, regarding materials and processing, while providing insightful analytics in materials characterization, failure analysis, quality control and in situ test equipment. All of this is done, while considering what is best for human health, environment and clean energy generation.


Fraunhofer has already developed interesting technology, such as ORMOCER® Chemistry, that adjust material properties, generating new functions. Their innovations can be applied to construction, health, clean energy sources, public services, and everyday life.


The Fraunhofer Center of Device Development (CeDeD), works mainly towards furnace development, vacuum technology, volumetric measurement technology, full automatic handling and process control. CeDeD also engages in software development for process optimization and new analytic methods, as is investing time and resources in robotics and pilot plant development.


The Fraunhofer Institute achieved interesting progress with their Thermo-Optical Measurement device, TOM®, Aquajust® cam, Autojust® cam, SPEEDCALL mobile SCM® and a Screening apparatus for glass development, to name just a few of their own inventions.


PI Integral Solutions colaborates closely with five of Fraunhofer local institutes. Hanau and Alzenau correspond to the Fraunhofer IWKS Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies. This research and investigation group sprung from the need to diversify the materials used in the technological industry. Fraunhofer sees resource scarcity as an economic and socio-political problem, and so is working in strategies, that result in a proper substitution of materials, and recycling technologies. Alzenau and Hanau divide its work in six business units that cover areas that go from biotechnology and food, to electronics and energy materials.


The Fraunhofer Project Group of Ceramic Composite in Bayreuth and Wurzburg, centers its focus on the development of ceramic high temperature lightweight materials that can be used in aerospace, power and propulsion engineering, and in mass markets as automotive engineering.


PI Integral Solutions also works, in joint effort, with Bronnbach CeDeD that accommodates the device development and experimental device construction activities of the competence team for measuring and process technologies, as well as the competence team for environmental monitoring and conservation research.


The Fraunhofer Institutes splits its core competences in three categories, Materials, Processing and Analytics, as a way to offer solutions, for its industrial partners. Fraunhoffer efforts in this competences, are reflected in its work in glass, ceramics and fibers; nanoparticles; battery materials; Ormocer®s, and smart materials. In processing, the concentrate in wet coatings; roll to roll; clean room; pilot plants and demonstrators. As for analytics, they are working on materials characterization, failure analysis, quality control, and in situ test equipment.


PI Integral Solutions is honored to be one of the partners of such fascinating, thought-provoking and captivating technology developers, in their road to the future. The main objective of PI Integral Solutions is to serve as gate opnener for promoting Fraunhofer technologies at small, medium and big size customers in the different targeted markets. We provide value to Fraunhofer ISC through our strong networks, promoting the distinctive products and technologies that are being created within its various working groups.