ÜNTEL KABLO is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe, with its modern, innovative and high technology factory. It was established in 1972 to manufacture specialty rubber and PVC cables. ÜNTEL KABLO aims to be become one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world keeping the customer services and the product quality as their most important goals.

 ÜNTEL KABLO made a new factory investment in 2010 to extend its production plant to 32.000 m² closed and 11.000 m² open space. The new factory plant and machinery were designed in details to improve quality and services with high tech machines and unique ERP process.

 Product range is over 15.000 different types of cables which require manufacturing experience such as marine, offshore, mining, railway and instrument types. ÜNTEL KABLO processes many materials, such as thermoplastics, rubbers, shielded, unshielded, armored, unarmored, braided and flats, to elaborate high quality cables by request to its clients.

 Among others, ÜNTEL KABLO provides products and technology to worldwide companies such as Siemens, Vodafone, Huawei and Erickson, and has been involved in proyects like the Golden Area Development Project (UK), Knightbridge (Germany) or the Ceyhan Pipeline (Azerbaijan).

  ÜNTEL KABLO is a growing company, focused in providing solutions by evaluating customer demands and expectations according to target country’s standards and requirements. Not only focusing on standard quality, ÜNTEL KABLO also researches and develops its products to attain better quality results and customer satisfaction. That’s why ÜNTEL KABLO is the leading producer in its sector and influences other manufacturers.

 PI Integral Solutions is pleased to have an alliance to such an industrious family project, one that has reached global status with unrelenting effort and constant research, to not only accomplish its own objectives, but to aid its clients to reach their marks.