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Powtech Trade Fair presented the latest on powder and bulk solids

The Powtech Trade Fair for processing, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids took place from 19 to 21 April 2016 in Nuremberg, providing a presentation platform for innovations in this industry, as modernizations for the environmental and recycling sector.

The world of mechanical processing technology gathered at Powtech 2016, with over 900 exhibitors displaying the latest equipment, prototypes and research in their corresponding areas. One of the most important features of this event was the presentation of eco efficient practices by the German Engineering Association.

There were also special areas organized by different associations and high caliber partners and sponsors, to invite visitors to linger, network and exchange knowledge. Not only big companies were in attendance; small entrepreneurs, universities, institutes and institutions presented their research projects which provides a perfect opportunity for partnerships and talent recruitment, exactly the main goal PI Integral Solutions wanted to achieve with its attendance at the Nuremberg event.

By attending this event, PI Integral Solutions wanted to bring Thermico product portfolio closer to its final consumer. In the case of Powtech, we were looking for potential producers of rotary valves for conveyance of abrasive materials, such as quartz sand or silicates. These valves require extremely abrasive coatings that assure a long service life before troubleshooting. Thermico NanoHVOF coatings are especially suitable for this kind of application mostly because they provide a far larger service life as the standard anti abrasion coatings existing in the market.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016