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Nanotechnology Course, University of Twente

PI Integral Solutions, represented by Manuel La Rosa, its director, begun a collaboration with the NMW Photon Cluster, back in December. With the intention to broaden the knowledge in Nanothecnology, PI Integral Solutions will be participating in the Nanotechnology Workshop that the University of Twente is hosting by the end of January.

The main goal is to acquire new tools and information regarding nanotechnology, and its application in electronics, renewable energy, early diagnostics of diseases, and many other ventures and innovations in this area.

As a company, another interest we are pursuing are nanostructure coatings, for metallic, ceramic, non-metallic and polymers, in which we are working along with the coatings divisions of Thermiko and Fraunhoffer Institute, two of our product development clients.

Monday, January 25, 2016
NMW Photon Cluster
renewable energy
nanostructure coatings