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Hannover Messe Fair demonstrated the power of Industry 4.0

Hannover Messe, one of the biggest industrial technology exhibitions worldwide, took place during the final days of April, and marked a real breakthrough for Industry 4.0, with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing real examples of cutting edge technology, that will for sure improve the future of advance manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 is a concept that has been in the making since the Hannover Messe Fair in 2011, but that demonstrated its reach with this year Hannover Messe exhibition. The new industrial revolution is here, and has come to help us achieve a better use of our resources, through cyber physical systems, the internet of things and the internet of services, quite an impressive accomplishment in merely 5 years.

Pi Integral Solutions attended the fair, looking to identify the latest technological trends in additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and know where the future path is leading in Germany and the rest of the world.

The Hannover Messe served as a platform to stablish alliances with Theva, Vishay and RadioBro, three companies that are innovating in their respective fields.

Theva, the principal client derived from the conference, is a superconductor producer, with specialized divisions for drive technology and electricity industry, that manufacture superconductors with EB-VPD technology, developing metallic oxides, to obtain very thin coating, with infinite possibilities of use and applications.

Vishay, manufacturer of semiconductors and passive components, was an interesting new alliance, especially for its ceramic capacitors. Ceramic is a commonly used dielectric material that can improve capacitor power dissipation. Vishay offers both multilayer and single-layer capacitors in a wide range of form factors and complements these offerings with a number of devices that are optimized for specific applications, including board-flex-resistant devices and the HVArc Guard® MLCCs, which are designed to prevent surface arc-over in high-voltage applications.

RadioBro Corporation is a very interesting company working with aerospace technology, specifically engineering systems for monitoring of aerospace structures. Radio Bro recently begin working with a Deployable Solar Arrays for nanosatellites and this technology, with its monitoring system (currently only used in aircrafts) can be expanded for satellites.

PI Integral Solutions is happy for these new partnerships and the exciting future technologies that can emerge from their think tanks.

Thursday, May 5, 2016