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Disrupt Space Summit: turning the solar system into our backyard

PI Integral Solutions joined several companies and startups in Bremen on April 7th, to participate in the Disrupt Space Summit an event aiming to entrepreneurs, hoping to build their business around the space industry.

The summit assembled a crew of investigators and important CEO´s and Directors of institutions related to space research and funding, such as Chris Boshuizen CTO of Planet Labs; Candance Johnson president of the European Business Angels Network; Brian Lim CEO of Hypercubes and Johann- Dietrich Wörner director general of the European Space Agency.

The main goal of the Disrupt Space Summit was to identify the challenges of new propulsion systems technologies developed by companies like Ripple Space, T-Minus Engineering and Neumann Space. In conversations with these companies attending the conference we identified Insulation Technology based on Aerogels, Green Propellant Technologies and Pulsed Cathodic Arc Propulsion Systems as the areas for which innovative solutions are needed.

The actual innovation market is profoundly interested in Aerospace, which in turn is attracting many public inversions, so PI Integral Solutions is also turning its attention towards this area, where the future is developing right now.

Thursday, April 7, 2016