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ASEM Seminar on Renewable Energy

At the 9th Summit in 2012 in Laos, the ASEM Leaders expressed “their commitment to ensure energy security in the regions by promoting energy access and energy diversification

through information and experience exchanges and researches on alternative, new, and renewable energy development, as well as energy efficiency and conservation, and the use of affordable environmentally-friendly technologies, particularly for the developing countries. They recognized the importance of engaging all stakeholders including governments, the private sector and other regional and International institutions to contribute to the enhanced use of renewable and other non-fossil energy resources and technologies". It was also reaffirmed at the 11th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in India in November 2013.

The workshop/seminar is intended to provide a platform for the ASEM members' officials and experts on renewable energy to share and exchange their knowledge and insights to explore ways to develop cooperation and assistance among ASEM countries...

Friday, May 22, 2015