Nowadays the business world is more and more international. Enterprises offer their products and services globally.  The world population is growing continuously, frequency of travelling is increasing, as also is, the trade volume.

People with different cultures meet each other on international conferences, meetings, negotiations and other networking events.

The cultures of any country has its peculiarities, but shall be respected and treated equally. Our planet shall have space enough for differently developed cultures, as long as they respect the basic rules of human mankind. Which have been established in the "Common Declaration of Rights of Mankind“ by the United Nations in 1948. PI integral solutions respects all cultures based on these rules.

We are internationally active, mainly in LATAM and EMEA regions. Due to our business and clients needs, we travel around the world, and during these experiences, we have become sensitive and influenced by different cultures and countries. The knowledge acquired in these visits, has had an important impact in the company´s philosophy and the behavior of our staff.